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Culture Reggae Diva Sista Moy AKA Moy Afua will be releasing her third album in early 2019. in brief phone conversation Afua told Nile Valley that she would be sending album to press any day now. We are sure it will be a great album judging her two her two previous critically acclaimed albums, “SONGS OF JOY” & “CONFIRMATION”. See previous interview with the Diva and Nile Valley in 2013 below: Stay tuned to Nile Valley Radio for more details on this upcoming release by the Diva!

Sista Moy, Jamaica’s Culture Reggae Diva sits down to a short interview with Nile Valley Television. The Culture Reggae Diva is currently promoting her newly released album “Confirmation” and her appearance on the upcoming show “Hail The King”. The show is a Rastar Records & Mixed Culture production featuring some of Jamaica’s top regaae artists such as I-Wayne, MidNite, Little Hero, Droop Lion, Pzed and many more.

The show date & venue is July 20TH 2013 @ Revolution Live, 100 SW 3RD Ave. Ft. Lauderdale FL. 33312, you don’t want to miss this one! With the release of this new album (“Confirmation”) Sista Moy continues to showcase her considerable talents at music making for her fans, this album continues the great musical tradition of her critically acclaimed debut album ‘Songs Of Joy”.

You can purchase Sista Moy’s music on her website ( or on any of the major online music outlets such as ITunes, Amazon, CD Baby, E-music and many more too numerous to mention.

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