“SONGS OF JOY”, “CONFIRMATION” Culture Reggae Diva Sista Moy AKA Moy Afua will be releasing her third album in early 2019. in brief phone conversation Afua told Nile Valley that she would be sending album to press any day now. We are sure it will be a great album judging her two her two previous […]

The long awaited album, “Original Fari” by Fari Earl-e-bee is about to be release in early fall 2019. The album was slated to be released several times by Nile Valley Entertainment, however there were unspecified issue with the release and the release was postponed. It seem that all issues have been taken care of, word […]

This is, a remix of a well know old favourite,Double Barrel _ with a little difference. This was intended for all the ladies/women who seem to have lost a lot of their confidence whilst trying to live up to the expectations of others created by the media. This light hearted and playful song has a […]

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